Who Did Freya Church Make Eye Contact With?

freya church skirpals

Freya Church is assumed to have been a lone witness when she saw the Skirpals on the bench in the Maltings.

She left work at 16;03, which has been confirmed by CCTV, encountering the Skripals on the bench literally 30 seconds later, after she crossed the bridge outside her workplace in Market Walk.

Freya was actually interviewed twice for TV, once on the 5th March, presumably after work, as she looks less “made up”, and the light is fading.

The second time is slightly more bizarre.

It obviously happened on the morning of 6th March, as in a video clip on Getty the police special, and Miss Church, have visible breath.  So she was presumably on her way to work.

From her appearance, and the escort, it’s obvious that Miss Church was aware of these interviews, and they had been lined up in advance.

The focus on these clips of Freya to date, has been about the weird way she seems to be being escorted to and from the interviews by the police officer.

But it’s what is almost missed at the start of the clip which is interesting.

At the start of this video interview she can be heard saying:

“I made eye contact with the couple that was walking past, and then with them.”

Who were that couple “walking past?”  Something about the scene certainly unsettled her.

Also, by mentioning just a single couple, the implication is that they were the only other people present.  There was no crowd, nobody had stopped, no scene yet taking place.

So we can now be reasonably sure that as late as 16:04, nobody was near the Skripals on the bench.

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That is one very strange thing to remember. What was so memorable about that look?


So the couple she saw which were 100% the couple in the cctv weren’t necessarily the couple on the bench?