We Agree With Geoffrey Dodds OBE: “D” Notices & The Skripals

In an extract on YouTube from a presentation to students at the University of Nottingham, Brigadier Geoffrey Dodds, Secretary of the UK DSMA committee, states that the system exists because of:

“…the need of a government to protect key national security information”.

We get that.

You wouldn’t want active spies outed.  You wouldn’t want an active operation compromised.

You wouldn’t want a key suspect exposed, compromising case building by the police and security services.

Which makes the issue of several DSMA notices (still more commonly known as “D” Notices) in relation to the Skripal case even more bizarre.


How Do We Know D Notices Were Issued Relating To The Skripals?

Well, firstly, a few journalists got very upset about it, confirming it had happened:

skripal d notice tweet

Secondly, they have been leaked online:




Surely They Were Sensible As They Were Dealing With Possible Russian Assassins?

Well yes, absolutely.

Except they were not issued in relation to Russians.  Or active operations, or active individuals.

They were issued, with incredible rapidity, to warn the UK media against naming Sergei Skripals handler, as confirmed in the tweet by Channel 4 Journalist Alex Thomson.


Who Was Sergei Skripals MI6 “Handler”

A “handler” is an active member of the security services, who is responsible for liaising with a foreign security asset, in order to get information out of them, and deal with payments and protection/guidance.

But as Sergei Skripal was no longer active, as he was retired several years ago, and spent his days pottering about in Salisbury, why did he have a handler at all?

The person Alex Thomson is referring to, Skripals handler,  is a chap called Pablo Miller.  That’s the name the DSMA notice was seeking to keep out of the press.

But Pablo Miller is also apparently retired.

So what’s with all the D Notices?


The Curious Case Of Protecting Pablo Miller

Lets look at the clauses under which the DSMA Notices relating to not naming Pablo Miller were released:

“Information (including images) which could lead to the identification of a person”

“In clarifying what it understands by this term, the DSMA Committee has decided that DSMA Notice advice will take into account prior publication or broadcast by major newspapers, broadcast networks and high-profile magazines, prior distribution by internationally networked news, picture and television agencies, and prominence on major internet search engines or widely used webcast channels.”

Fair enough.  But here’s the thing. Pablo Miller is WIDELY to be found online. He is NOT some hidden “Spook”:

1.Pablo Miller was named, and photo’s of him shown, on more than one international TV documentary relating to Sergei Skripal.

2. Pablo Miller is a publicly listed civil servant, who also received an OBE in 2015.

3. You can find photo’s of Pablo Miller with a simple Google search, relating to his time in the British Army:

CBF Cyprus, General Sir Desmond Langley helps Lt Pablo Miller to find his way near the Green (Disengagement) Line.


4. There is a photo of Miller widely available, showing him in later life, and clearly showing why his name is “Pablo”:


5. He even had a very revealing LinkedIn profile, right up until it was deleted:

As you can see, even the Google listing confirms he lives in Salisbury, and has an OBE, and is still linked to the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office).

There were also photos on that profile, of Pablo on the beach and elsewhere.


Why The Attempt To Hide His Identity?

Pablo is easily found on google.  He has a long public record, plus an OBE.

He’s also now apparently retired from the civil service.

On top of that, the international press were quite happy to name him.

How is his very public situation covered by a DSMA Notice to protect the identity of sensitive security personnel?

The way the government leaped in is, of course, a smoking gun.  But why?


Burn After Reading

Pablo Miller deleted his LinkedIn profile within days of the Skripal poisoning.  Why would he do that?

What could he possibly be hiding?

The profile was deleted on, or before, the 7th March, basically within three days of Skripal being poisoned.

When his historic links to Skripal, when Miller was an MI6 operative, are well known, why delete that profile?  Why bother, when as has been demonstrated, your name, photo, and connections are well publicised?


Join The Dots

We don’t need to go into this in detail, you can Google it, and get all the information to verify all this.

The only possible reason for Pablo Miller to delete his LinkedIn profile is because in it he states that he is currently a:

“Senior analyst at Orbis Business Intelligence”.

Orbis Business Intelligence is owned by Christoper Steele, the ex MI6 operative who created the Trump dossier.

He ran the Russia desk at MI6 HQ in London between 2006 and 2009.

Steele and Miller both knew each other in Eastern Europe, and both knew Sergei Skripal.

Skripal was recruited by, and handled by, Pablo Miller.

Both Skripal and Miller “retired”, and ended up in Salisbury.

The Trump dossier was without doubt created with the input of Pablo Miller. Why else pay him as a consultant, with all his experience of Russia and his connections?

It would not be a stretch for him to have paid his Sunday lunch buddy Skripal for information he could dig up as well?


Why Not Ask Mark Urban?

BBC journalist Mark Urban might know more about all this.

After all, he knows Pablo Miller, they met when both commissioned as second lieutenants:


And Mark is writing a book about Sergei Skripal.  He gained access to him several times in 2017, although he kept that quiet after the poisoning for some reason, until forced to admit it:

Do you think he found Sergei in the phonebook?  Or is it more likely those meetings were arranged through calls to his old pal Pablo?

I’d think he would have met up with Pablo and Sergei together at least once, as Sergei had lunch at least once a month in Salisbury with Miller.

Sergei Skripal.  A “great man” according to Urban.  A man who screwed his own country over, selling secrets to the British, who screwed money out of anyone who would pay, and who it seems could have helped fabricate the most ridiculous nonsense about Trump for another pay day.

Skripal and a guy who on his deleted LinkedIn page stated:

“He enjoys a wealth of experience and expertise in the management of high-end Insider Threat risks.

So yes, we agree with Geoffrey Dodds.  But the big question is, what was the key national security information that these D Notices were seeking to protect?

The obvious answer is that the notices were a cover-up. What the government wanted was to stop the British people being able to easily join the dots through the national media:


Nah, the Russkies did it.



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