The Westminster Terrorist: Huge Questions Emerging

We have categorically been told that the young man, Salih Kater, who drove into the barriers of Parliament, was carrying out a terrorist attack.

We have also been told that he was not known to the authorities:

“Khater was not known to police or MI5.”

And yet, to the observant amongst us, this claim did not seem to stack up within minutes of the incident happening.  Take a look at the video clip below…


  1. How the car is driving calmly, and has no intention of driving down towards Parliament until the ambulance goes past.
  2. That hardly anyone is around.
  3. That there is a Police van behind the car, which moves slowly behind the car, stopping other traffic getting close.

All a bit odd isn’t it, and hardly the actions of a terrorist looking to cause maximum damage to life.

Plus of course, he sat in his car after the crash.  If you were going to end up shot dead or in prison for ever, you’d at least bring a knife, and leap out screaming Allahu Ackbar right?

So just from the video it doesn’t look like a terrorist attack, more like a spooked driver who swerves to get out of the way of the sirens.

But obviously it was a bit more than that.

He clearly gets spooked by the siren, and thinks he’s being chased, so swerves across a lane of cyclists to get away, assuming its the cops.

And The Cops…

Were also conveniently right behind him, in a white van, with their lights flashing.  Holding the traffic back.

But they totes didn’t know about this guy.

And he totes wasn’t aware he was being followed.

Surprisingly, even the mainstream media have now spotted this, and even more unusally are asking questions, like the Telegraph:

“Mystery over white van in the Westminster ‘terror attack’: was the suspect being followed?”

Bizarrely,  the piece took FOUR reporters to produce the article, one of which is the Telegraph’s senior political correspondent.  So they have thrown some weight behind the question.

It appears that for once questions are being asked.

Like the fact that the police were DEFINITELY aware of this guy, and following him.

Like the fact that they could have been the thing that provoked him to take evasive action.

If only the media were asking questions about the even more dodgy Skripal case, you know, stuff like “Where the fuck is the CCTV footage?”

But anyway, it’s good to see that the media are challenging the Government narrative on this “terrorist” outrage.  Which at one extreme, could have been provoked and managed in order to create a mood for more draconian laws and public hate.

Exactly at the moment Corbyn is under pressure…for allegedly supporting terrorists.

You wouldn’t put it past a Prime Minister who lost hundreds of files on Government paedophiles…..







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