UPDATED: The Skirpals: The Proof We Are Not Being Told The Truth

This article is going to explain exactly, in detail, why “Petrov” and “Boshirov” DID NOT carry out the attack which incapacitated the Skirpals, not on a doorknob, and possibly not at all.

On Sunday 4th march 2018, Petrov and Boshirov arrive in Salisbury to allegedly carry out the attack on the Skirpals.  They are seen exiting the station at 11:48am:

They turn left and walk along Wilton Road, next being seen on the CCTV of a local garage at 11:58am, ten minutes after exiting the station:

The first problem with this, which although minor in detail, is significant, is that several local people have now stated that they have tried, and failed, to do that walk in the ten minutes it apparently took the assassins.

Perhaps they are unfit, or perhaps Russians have long legs.

Or maybe the timestamps are not accurate.  That would be far more troubling though, as an altered timestamp means a conspiracy.

But that’s not what is important.

This is….


The Attack

Petrov and Boshirov then allegedly moved onto the attack location.

They crossed the road, walked up Canadian Avenue, then round into Christie Miller Road.

A long, straight road.

In broad daylight.

Sunday afternoon.

To spray a deadly nerve agent onto a door handle with no protective gear on, in the hope the Skirpals would come home and touch the door handle, before rain washes it away.

Happy with all that?  Convinced?

Even if they had take the alternative route, up the alley and along that little road, Montgomery Gardens, on the right in the image above (the police searched a playground in it, and a witness reported two men sitting down there), the long straight approach still stands.

Although to go up the alley, which is just after the petrol station, would require them to be on the other side of the road.  There is a traffic island literally to the right of where the two men are seen walking past the petrol station.  To use it, they would actually have to be turning to cross at the exact moment the image was filmed.

Okay, so it’s all pretty straighforward, clear-cut, and obvious yeah, according to our government.  Walked up to the door, put some gel on the door handle, and then made their getaway.

If, obviously, the Skripals came home again once the assassins left. Because you can’t touch a door handle if you’re not there….

We know they were seen away from their house around 09:15am, but the authorities are yet to show a single piece of evidence that they actually returned home, which they had to do between 12:30-13:25pm, for them to be able to touch that door handle.

Even weirder, Skirpals mate Ross Cassidy said he thinks the Skripals were home all morning after returning soon from wherever their car went around 9:15am. 

And Sergei was paranoid, and always looking up the road.   Oh, and you’d think, probably aware if he had just put his hand in a blob of gel on his front door handle when he touched it. Oh and his sister in Russia reckons he has CCTV….


Ignoring all those huge issues:


Our Spire Watchers Then Do Something Very Odd….

Rather than head to the station to wait for the next train, which was at 13:27, they instead go for a walk right into Salisbury.

They walk along major roads, covered by CCTV, and they *allegedly* ditch a bottle of Novichok in a charity bin behind the Cloisters pub, where Charlie Rowley found it months later:


Back To The Train Station…..

Whatever the reason for their wandering through Salisbury, they can still make that 13:27 train back to Waterloo.

They are next seen on CCTV (well seen by us, not what the police have), at 13:05pm on Fisherton/Bridge Street, heading in the direction of the station:


They are next shown, further up the same road, closer to the station:

This, by implication in the Met statement and timeline, was a shot taken just a matter of moments after the bridge shot, as this junction is only about 200 metres further along the same road, which leads from the bridge to the station.

The time of this image is:

“Image seven is a rear shot of the suspects in Fisherton Street minutes later, at 13.08 on Sunday, 4 March.”


Something Very Odd Happens

The two elite assassins, are next seen on CCTV footage from inside a shop called Dauwalders.  Not only are they casually wandering along, but they even stop, look at some antique coins in the window, then try and enter the shop.

Hardly the actions of people in a hurry, or who have just committed an international incident, or people who might be concerned they could keel over and die from Novichok poisoning unless they get those clothes off and get washed, just to make sure.

But, oh no!  They missed their train!

Look at the timestamp: 01:49 PM.

Not only 22 minutes after the obvious escape route train has left at 13:27.

But more importantly it’s:


Forty minutes.

Why is that so bloody bizarre?

Look at a map….

The distance between the bridge and the last CCTV image is around 200 metres.

200 metres walked in 40 minutes.

Let that sink in for a moment.

So the obvious questions are:

  1. Where the hell did they go/what did they do for FORTY MINUTES?
  2. Why didn’t they just catch the earlier train?


And the third question, a big one, in terms of their bizarre movements:

Why did they get caught on CCTV at the junction next to city hall at 13:08, then RETRACE their steps to head back towards the city centre, being caught outside Dewaulders on CCTV forty minutes later, at that point heading back towards the station AGAIN?

According to the police timeline, they literally wandered up and down the same road for forty minutes, for no reason, after committing an international incident.


It also makes a mockery of the Met timeline for one simple reason:

The Met timeline states they entered Salisbury station for the escape journey at 13:50:56.

How did they do that, when they were trying to get into a shop at 13:49pm?  

And if the shop had been open they would have CERTAINLY missed that train.  They weren’t even in a hurry to get on it.  IF of course the police station timestamp, and stated time of departure are accurate.


The Skirpals Go Into Salisbury

Remember the Skripals?

Yeah, those two people who according to the police, apparently went out on Sunday morning with their phones turned off.

We don’t know where they went.

We don’t know if they even went home again to get Novichoked by a door handle.

Ross Cassidy reckons they were home most of the morning.  And he says Sergei had TWO mobile phones.

But we do know they were next seen heading into Salisbury along Devizes Road at 13:30pm, heading for the Sainsburys car park.

I am reliably told by local contacts, that from Devizes Road, to get to the Sainsburys car park, you go over the roundabout,  down Fisherton Street, turn left up Summerlock Approach, and then round into the car park:

This is the turn from Fisherton Street into Summerlock Approach, right next to Salisbury City Hall:

In case you’re confused, lets have another look at that last CCTV image:


The inescapable conclusion is that for FORTY MINUTES, rather than get out of the area, the “assassins” deliberately hung around within 100 metres of the EXACT route the Skripals would use.

To do what?

Check they are showing signs of poisoning as the drive?

To wave goodbye?


….Or To Meet The Skirpals?

The excellent Blogmire, has pointed out that there could have been a very logical reason for the seemingly random movements of the spire watchers.

Look at this map:

We know, from the parents of the children, that the Skirpals were feeding ducks in the Avon playground at around 1:40-1.45pm.

But from some reason the police missed that out of their timeline.

Now look back at the map.

The spire watchers, as you remember,  vanished for 40 minutes.  Next seen on CCTV at DauWalders at 13:48pm.

It is a two minute walk from the Avon playground to Dauwalders. It would have been very easy for them to have been with the Skirpals for five minutes, and still be seen at 13:48 outside DauWalders.

The possibility is that the spire watchers were walking away from meeting the Skirpals.

Put it this way, the evidence they went to his house is one CCTV image from a petrol station.

The evidence they met him, is they hung around weirdly for nearly an hour, and at one point were literally 200 metres away from were he was feeding ducks.

Does Skirpal seem like a guy who feeds ducks to you?

No me neither.  But it would be great cover for hanging around in public.









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