Skripals: That Moment When You Know You’re Onto Something

Here at the Shocker, we have a feeling of familiar ground this morning.

A few years ago, our team, on a long since defunct blog, broke a large UK story, that led to a huge public campaign and inquiry.

As the story developed, as we published more facts that contradicted the “official” story, we saw a ramping up of attacks on social media, trying to discredit it.

Trolls, bots, foreigners, you name it, we were called it.

In the end, the UK press woke up and started asking questions,  we were proven right and the government caved in.

And thankfully it’s started again today.

Weird accounts that haven’t tweeted for a year, suddenly active to call us out.

Calling us “Fake news”.

“Russian trolls”.


It’s only a matter of time before US-puppet Nimmo comes out to play.

You know you are getting close, when your own security people start playing social media disinformation games with you.

You did realise the British government employs people to do exactly what you all accuse the Russians of doing, right?

And yes, against their own citizens, to dampen down their democratic right to speak out.

Later today we will use some new facts, all in the public domain already, to demonstrate in detail how the two “Russians” accused did not carry out the Skripal attack.

Why is this important?

Because the truth as we have already said is of MI6 failure, turning a blind eye, and putting an entire city at risk because of that.

Our press needs to wake up and start asking questions.


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”


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