Skripals: British Public & Press In “Failure To Engage Brains” Shocker

The British press, and most of the public, are currently engaged in an extended two minute hate over the Russians alleged (yeah, you use that word unless someone has been convicted) to have tried to kill Sergei Skripal.

Take a look at any newspaper, or press social media account and you’ll see what I mean.

Bellingcat this, Bellingcat that, Russians, Putin, proven. All backed-up by MP’s banging on about “forensic analysis” and “citizen journalists”.

And the public, ever more conditioned and brainwashed by the “hate the Russians” narrative, respond admirably, screaming down anyone who questions the story, with bile and accusations on comment sections and social media accounts.

“Go back to Russia comrade”

“Russian troll”

“Putin bot”

“How much is Putin paying you comrade?”

On, and on, and on.

The British public, through this closed-minded shouting down of debate, are doing a far better job of censoring people than any dictatorship could ever hope to achieve.

How did we reach this point?  How did our minds get so brainwashed, so quickly?


It’s Bloody Obvious Shocker: The Russians Did It & Should be Hated!

You’re right.  It’s an open-and-shut case, and our view here, that something smells very odd about all this, is nothing but stupidity, or the nefarious deflection of a Russian troll site, should that be the level of paranoia you subscribe to (reds under the bed, they are everywhere, be vigilant….sound familiar?).

Anyway, yes of course you’re right.  It’s bloody obviously the Russians. Lets look at the facts…..

2 Russian GRU operatives are ordered by Putin to come to Salisbury and kill Sergei Skirpal using Novichok.  So they do. They put it on his door handle, Skirpal touches it and collapses.  There is even a Russian spy manual telling operatives how use door handles to spread poison.


An enemy of the state eliminated, and a message sent to the world, because, you know, Putin doesn’t forget.

Simple. Obvious. Straightforward.

That’s all there is to it, right?


Well, actually no.


Here is what really happened, according to the known facts….

2 Russian operatives, one of whom turns out to be a highly decorated Colonel in the GRU and ex-Spetsnaz, decorated by Putin, veteran of several conflicts and frequent traveler to Western nations, fly into the UK direct from Moscow. I will say right at the start that I am slightly dubious about bellingcat being fed such material, and also of its authenticity, there seem to be a lot of odd things about the documents.

They have really dodgy fake passports, with unnatural, and also a lack of, information in them.  The GRU’s telephone number is even printed in both, and they have incriminating sequential numbering.  They also have travel visas issued by the British embassy in Moscow, during which process, fingerprint taking, background checking and retina scans were done.

Despite the fact they couldn’t be more obvious unless they had caps on with “Russian GRU assassins” printed on them, our security services are blissfully unaware of their arrival.

“Boshirov” (Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga) and “Petrov” visit Salisbury on Saturday 3rd March, to do a reconnaissance mission on a door handle.

They are there for an hour, and as they exit the station on their arrival, they stand and stare up at a departures board knowing they are also looking at a visible CCTV camera.  They had phones, so they could have been discreet and used them to check times.

Despite asking the public for help with their movements in Salisbury on the Saturday, the police refuse to release any details of where they were seen by the CCTV that must have captured them, just as it did on the Sunday.

Cops: We need your help to tell us where these people went.

Public: Where did they get seen, to trigger our memories?

Cops: we aren’t telling you.

That night they party so hard in their London hotel, high, drunk, and banging prostitutes during “noisy sex”, that guests are kept awake and complain.  They party so hard, that the hotel cleaner has to spend the next day cleaning the room, and the hotel have to repaint it because they smeared god knows what on the walls.

They then, obviously still half smashed having been up most of the night,  wander to Salisbury.

Not caring, for the second day running, how often they are caught on CCTV, they are seen at 11:58am on a main road near the Skripals house. Despite the fact they would have spotted the petrol station on their previous recon mission (or by just looking at Google street view), known it would have CCTV covering the exit, and could simply have walked on the opposite side of the road to avoid it.

We are then told that they smear “gel” onto the Skirpals door handle.

In broad daylight.  Sunday lunch time.  At the end of a circular a cul-de-sac.  At the home of an ex-spy who was paranoid, always looking out of his windows up the road, who could have CCTV, or be under security services observation, and even still be at home if his car is parked elsewhere.

They then do not return to the station, fail to catch the next train out of Salisbury at 13:27,  and instead wander past the train station to go into Salisbury for an hour.

Even stranger, they appear to hang around the same road for most of that time.

Eventually, they wander towards the train station, only to get distracted by some old coins in a shop window.  Only the fact it’s shut stops them drifting in for a browse and a chat.

They then leave on the 1400 train back to London, and apparently then vanish on a plane directly back to Moscow.


Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia meanwhile….

Sergei, his mate Ross Cassidy, and Mrs Cassidy spend Saturday afternoon picking Yulia up from Heathrow airport.

Sergei says he wants Cassidy to take him because he is concerned the snow will stop his own car from making it. But he does also hint at another reason, telling Cassidy he is concerned he is being followed.  He has also told Cassidy he fears for his life, has changed his phone, and has told the police and others that he is under threat.  In fact, he is convinced Cassidy’s car is followed on the way back from the airport.  Can’t be our Steeple chasers, as they are on a train….

On arrival back home, Yulia asks Mrs Cassidy to go in to look at a shower head, while Mr Cassidy remains in the car.  Feels a bit like a safety in numbers thing is going on.

The next morning, Sergei’s car is seen on CCTV on a road near his house. According the the police, him and Yulia are in it.  We are not told where they went, or what they did. They apparently vanish for the next four hours.

The reason for this is that the Skirpals had bizarrely both turned their mobile phones off.  Ross Cassidy says Mr Skripal had two phones because he was getting paranoid he was being tapped.

But despite zero evidence presented by the police to show they did, they must have returned home sometime after about 12:15pm, otherwise they couldn’t have touched the door handle.

Neither of them noticed that the door handle, and their hands, were wet from touching a “gel” put on it.

Around 13:30 Sergei’s car is seen heading towards the Sainsburys Maltings car park.  Bizarrely, at that exact moment, Boshirov and Petrov are still in Salisbury, wandering up and down a road that is literally the exact route the Skirpals drive along, and 150 metres from where they park.

After parking, the Skirpals walk to the river in the Avon Playground and feed ducks.  The police haven’t told us this, for some reason they won’t even confirm it happened.

But it did.  The kids mother has confirmed the police visited her THREE WEEKS later. They showed her a high-quality image of the Skripals standing with her child, feeding ducks.

Oh, and they tell her to wash her kid, and they take away his clothes, you know, because of the deadly nerve agent, and burn them.

The Skirpals even passbread to these children with hands covered in deadly nerve agent.  One of those children eats a piece.

None of them get ill.

And at the time they are feeding the ducks, Boshirov and Petrov are literally 200 metres away, wandering up and down a street apparently.

They then go to Zizzi.  The police tell us they went to the Mill pub first, but that contradicts almost EVERY witness statement made to the press about where they were seen, and at what time.  So in terms of using known facts, they went to Zizzi first.

Oddly, the police, despite appealing for witnesses, don’t confirm where they were, and at what time.

In Zizzi they are fine.  But Sergei is agitated.  Shouting, angry.  The Skirpals complain the food is taking too long to arrive.

“He was going absolutely crazy, I didn’t understand it and I couldn’t understand him. They had not been seen for a little while by the front of house staff, but I think it was more than that. He just wanted his food and to go. He was just shouting and losing his temper. I would have asked him to leave. He just said, “I want my food and my bill”. ‘The waiter took him the bill at the same time as the main course, which was unusual. I don’t think they paid all of the bill. I think they were given a discount because he was so angry and agitated.


He had to wait about 20 minutes for his main course. I think it was easier for the staff just to give him money to leave as he was so angry. They were sitting by themselves at the back of the restaurant but I think people were pleased when they left. They were only there for about 45 minutes. It was a quick lunch. He just wanted to get out of there. She was silent, perhaps embarrassed.”

They eat some of it, then leave in a hurry, without finishing the food that they just moaned so bitterly about.

Despite touching money, or a card reader, cutlery, plates and god knows what else…

Nobody in Zizzi gets ill.

But the table is so contaminated with nerve agent, that the authorities burn it.

The advice from Public Health England (PHE) released on Sunday morning was aimed at as many as 500 customers who ate at the Zizzi restaurant or were in the Mill pub in the centre of Salisbury last Sunday and Monday.


The precautionary guidance reinforces suspicions that the nerve agent used on Skripal and his daughter a week ago was first administered inside the restaurant. Traces of contamination have reportedly been found on and around the table where the two Russians sat. Some of the furniture and other items are said to have been destroyed to prevent further poisonings.

Next they go to the Mill pub, just around the corner from the restaurant.

They have a drink, and Sergei visits the toilet.  On his return, they leave, not finishing their drinks.  This is around 15:35.

Again, they touch the table, glasses, pay money, visit the toilets.  The pub, like Zizzi, remained open until Monday.

Nobody gets ill.

The police and staff were seen inside both premises on Sunday night and Monday, unprotected during this time.

Nobody gets ill.

But the manager of the Mill, Greg Townsend. was grilled by the police in a very bizarre manner.

As further details of Col Skripal’s movements emerged, a source close to Greg Townsend, manager of The Mill, revealed that he served the Russians last Sunday afternoon and had since been treated like a “terror suspect”, interviewed by police up to eight times last week.


He said The Mill had 12 CCTV cameras, covering the large open-plan bar area as well as the upstairs balcony and lavatories overlooking it.


“The pub has obviously remained closed for more than a week and the cordon widened, but Greg feels like he has been kept completely in the dark, they’re not telling him anything.

“He actually served them. He’s had a bit of a time of it all and is a  pending terror suspect.

“He certainly said he’s being treated like one. He’s had around eight police interviews.”  (Telegraph)

Eight police interviews to say “I served them drinks, didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything…” because, as we know, they DEFINITELY got poisoned at home, right.

Greg doesn’t get ill either.

There is then a gap of around thirty minutes, where they could have done anything. Despite the whole area being covered by CCTV (which the council leader confirmed was working, and that the cops had taken the footage), we have not been told where they went.

They are next seen literally ten yards from the Mill pub, on a bench at 16:03 by witness Freya Church.

Thirty minutes later, and they have moved about ten metres from the pub.

A couple, including a lady with a red bag, both of whom the police took an interest in from CCTV of them, are near the bench. Yulia, bizarrely also carrying a red bag that day,  is on the bench with Sergei.

That couple, who the police were interested in, were never the subject of an appeal, or heard about again, despite the fact we have been told a 4-6 person hit team was in Salisbury.

Which is odd, as all the focus is on Boshirov and Petrov, who DEFINITELY carried out the hit….

Meanwhile,  the Skripals are tripping out.

“He was doing some strange hand movements, looking up to the sky. It looked like they had been taking something quite strong.”

Freya feels uncomfortable and walks on.

Apparently infected FOUR HOURS earlier, with nobody they came into contact with harmed, including the bread-stuffing kids the cops don’t want to mention, the Skripals then collapse at exactly the same second on a bench.

They are so instantly and simultaneously overcome that they can’t even call for help.

Even poor Dawn Sturgess, who rubbed the stuff on her arms and smelled it, took fifteen minutes to collapse, and was able to communicate with Charlie Rowley during that time as she deteriorated.

But no, the Skripals simultaneously collapsed, and couldn’t even alert a passer by.

By now a few people have spotted the Skripals, and are at the bench by around 16:05.

An army nurse is one of them, and she intervenes.  We don’t know who she is, as she refused to give her name or an account of what happened. But she was apparently at the bench until the medics arrived, and she put Yulia in the recovery position and checked her airways.

She didn’t get ill either.

According to the police, an emergency call was made by a member of the public at 16:15.  From CCTV footage we know that medics and police arrived within ONE MINUTE of this call being made.

Among these first responders was detective Sergeant Nick bailey.  Because apparently detective sergeants are sitting around, or driving around on Sunday afternoons and respond to generic 999 calls about a couple overcome on a bench within one minute.

After attending the scene, without a warrant or permission, Bailey fishes Sergei’s keys out of his pocket, or takes them from the hospital, and goes to the Skripals house.  To look for drugs, or a suicide note we are told.

That how we are told he got ill.

But weirdly, as at that early stage nobody seemed to know who he even was, on Sunday night, cops are deployed to stand guard outside Skripals home,  They go in and out, they touch the door handle.

They don’t get ill.

Within 15 minutes of the collapse, which is to those responders just a potential drug overdose, there are three ambulances, four police cars, at least one detective, and the air ambulance has been called to attend at incredible cost.

Despite the fact it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon , with clear roads, and Salisbury hospital a two minute ambulance ride away.

The Skripals are taken away in ambulances.  We are told initially they were taken by air ambulance, but that was changed to land ambulances, and those ambulances, along with police cars, have subsequently been destroyed.

Which is lucky, as the air ambulance visited a school the next day, and it had kids crawling all over it.

No first responders who dealt with the Skripals at the bench, or at the hospital, got ill.

Luckily for Sergei and Yulia,  an almost incredible piece of good fortune awaited them at the hospital:

“Completely by chance, doctors with specialist chemical weapons training were on duty at the hospital when the victims were admitted. They treated Sergei and Yulia Skripal with an atropine (antidote) and other medicines approved by scientists from Porton Down, the government’s top secret scientific research laboratory.”


The pair had recently completed a training course at Porton Down, which enabled them to quickly recognise the symptoms of exposure to a nerve agent.


Yulia and Sergei are indeed lucky that, unlike every other city in the entire UK that Sunday, there was an incredible amount of available first responders, who arrived within one minute, that doctors instantly recognised their symptoms despite nobody having a clue it could be nerve agent, and that not a single first responder (Bailey we are told got ill at the house) was taken ill.

Incredible stuff.

Four hours after the collapse, the Maltings was swarming with chemical weapons experts and teams in hazmat suits.    They seem obsessed with the bin that is next to the bench, removing something red from it and taking it away.  This is filmed by a TV crew, but was never broadcast.

The police then appeal for witnesses, but refuse to release a single piece of CCTV footage of the Skripals, or even a description of that they were wearing, something a senior, nationally known, and highly respected TV  journalist described to the Shocker as incredibly odd.

Cops: We need your help.

Public: What were they wearing, what do they look like?

Cops: We aren’t telling you.


So Those Are The Full Facts

Are you quite as convinced now that you are being told the whole story? Can you honestly put your hand on your heart and say none of that strikes you as a bit odd?

To show you how ridiculous the whole thing is, lets look at the bigger picture.


Does the motive make sense?

We are told that Putin never forgets, and that Skripals killing was ordered as a message to traitors.

The evidence for this is an interview from 2010, when Putin is quoted as saying:

“Traitors will kick the bucket, believe me. Those other folks betrayed their friends, their brother in arms,” Mr Putin said.


“Whatever they got in exchange for it, those 30 pieces of silver they were given, they will choke on them.”


Booo! Hiss!  Bad Putin!

Except, he didn’t actually say that.

In fact, the Telegraph, who boldly proclaimed on 7th March that the video clip showed that Putin had made a death threat, bizarrely concluded the EXACT opposite back in 2010 when the interview was first given:

Vladimir Putin: Russian secret services don’t kill traitors


The “swine” who exposed the 10 Russian sleeper spies in the United States will not be tracked down and killed, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, saying Russia has abandoned the Soviet-era practice of killing turncoats.

The fact is that the interview started to be recirculated on social media in the hours after the Skripal attack, with the UK media mashing up what was said, and stating it was a threat, and proof of Russian motives.

Bit odd isn’t it.  Almost like a disinformation campaign, you know, like only those Russkies do apparently, to hide the truth.

Except the only people who would have benefited from it, or would have done it, would have been Western intelligence.

What Putin actually said was:

With regard to traitors, they will curl up on their own, I assure you. That’s because…because… Well picture for yourself, take this latest instance of betrayal in which they exposed a group of our illegals. And these are officers! Do you get it? Officers. A man betrayed his friends, his comrades in arms.


These are people who laid their entire lives on the altar of patriotism. What is it like to learn a language at native level, to give up one’s relatives, not to be able to come home to bury one’s loved…um…loved ones? Think about that for a minute! Someone has given his entire life to serve his homeland and now this brute comes along who betrays people like that. How is he going to live with that for the rest of his life? How will he look his children in the eye, the swine?!


And um…Whatever went on there, whatever 30 pieces of silver those people may have gotten, they will stick in their throat, I assure you. And that um…To spend your whole life trying to keep out of view, to be unable to talk with your loved ones. That’s…you know, someone who chooses such a fate will be regretting it a thousand times over.

So the motive held up, and repeated daily in the UK media and public…is a  demonstrably FALSE.

You’re being lied to about even the basics of this affair.


Boshirov & Petrov

Yes they were in Salisbury, yes they could be GRU, yes they could have carried out an attack on the Skripals.

But look at FACTS, not assumption and bias.

1/ They used blatant fakes passports apparently, if you believe the stuff that’s been fed to useful idiots Bellingcat is genuine, literally screamed “GRU” through everything they did, and had a long track record of Western travel. Vitally, they were also known, and have been observed by Western intelligence agencies.

Yet they were not tracked at all.


2/ Their actions were those of utter idiots.  Partying, wandering around, getting onto CCTV, hanging around after the hit. These we are told were EXPERIENCED field operatives, who had been in many covert operations.

Is it even remotely believable, that these highly trained, ruthless and disciplined senior officers, would risk the entire operation with their actions in the hotel?  Or telegraph their identities?

Unless they were doing it deliberately of course.


3/ Boshirov is apparently a COLONEL in the GRU, who was PERSONALLY decorated by Putin in 2014 with Russia’s highest military honour.  Literally any grunt, or hired moron, could pump gel onto a door handle, yet Russia sent SENIOR officers, with blatant fake papers, who tried just as hard to get seen as not, and who could be directly linked to Putin himself.

Does that seem likely to you? 

The Russians are portrayed as idiots here.  Yet they have decades of experience in covert operations around the world, and have arguably had more potential for gritty operational duties than any other nation.

They are not the fools the Western media are making them out to be. If you believe that caricature, then you’re a xenophobic moron.

Russian spies bad and shit.  British spies good and noble.

Can you see it? It’s childlike social conditioning in action.


4/ Why kill Skripal in Salisbury at all?  It’s a question nobody seems to have an answer for, beyond the simplistic and inaccurate bullshit about Putin wanting traitors dead. And why squirt his door handle, then wander round the city for an hour, missing a train to do so?

You have two choices here:

You believe Putin is nuts and doesn’t care that the blatant attack, and ludicrous cover story, will fool no one, and is prepared to cripple his economy to “send a warning” and kill an old man.


You have to answer that basic question: why target him in Salisbury, and at that time, and in that way.  And why at all?

To answer that question though you have to explain these facts:

  • Skripal made trips to eastern Europe to lecture, in places like Estonia.  Why not target him there?  The UK government and press would barely have given a toss.
  • Skripal had made visits to the Russian embassy.  His friend Ross Cassidy said he was trying to get permission to go back to Russia to see his mother who was turning 90.  Why not let him in and then make him disappear?  The UK government and press would have barely noticed.
  • Why not wait until he was alone and then just shoot him?  Someone did Jill Dando like that,  and it is far less risky and far more certain to work.
  • A nerve agent could have killed the people using it, and potentially anyone who touched it.  It’s a very odd choice for a targeted hit.
  • Russia denies having chemical weapons.  Why use a nerve agent you don’t admit to having, for a low level hit, with the only outcome being more uncertainty, more risk, and more chance of it being pinned on your country?


Did The UK Government Even Really Know Who They Are?

You also have to explain how months ago, we were told that the two men were known to British intelligence, and their real names known.

Yet it’s taken Bellingcat, allegedly just fishing around online, to tell us that information. 

Why didn’t the government release their real names, as well as their cover names when they released the photo’s a few weeks ago? Wouldn’t that have helped a bit?

When Bellingcat released the name of Boshirov as a cover, and stated the real name was that of  a GRU Colonel, the UK’s defence secretary tweeted to congratulate them for revealing their “true identity”.

He then deleted that tweet.

I would suggest to try and cover up his fucking great error:

Surely the defence secretary, privy to such information, and an attender of Cobra meetings and other briefings would KNOW THE NAMES.

As he evidently didn’t, then you have to conclude the HMG lied about knowing who they really were.  If they are who Bellingcat claims of course.


An Open Mind…

That those men were in Salisbury is indisputable.

That they were Russian GRU is likely.

That they could have done the job as stated is possible.

But in terms of a motive, the method, and their actions in the UK, literally none of it makes sense.

And in terms of the weird local and UK response, and avoidance of confirming even the most basic details, it also makes no sense.


An open mind has to conclude that either:

Russian intelligence is a joke, but ours is even worse, as it couldn’t spot and stop the Keystone Kremlin boys.


….that there is more to this, and just maybe the simplistic story we are being told is not the truth.


An open mind would look at the bigger picture.  Any UK journalist that had a brain would as well, surely?

You would consider if Boshirov and Petrov were decoys, spotters, or there to carry out another type of mission entirely.

You would wonder if the fact Putin’s misquoted words were spread online immediately after the attack, at the same time the government was issuing D notices to cover up Pablo Miller’s connection to Skripal, was part of a planned disinformation campaign.

You would look at the UK govt desperately trying to keep Steele’s name out of the Trump dossier investigation. They have fought hard to stop Trump allowing a less redacted version of documents about Steele to be released.  Almost like Trump is pissed with the UK…

You would look at how the UK govt issued a DSMA notice right after the attack, to keep Skripals MI6 handler, Pablo Miller, out of the press.

You would wonder why a retired spy had a handler and regular contact with MI6.

You would look at how Pablo Miller deleted his Linkedin account within 24 hours of the attack, to erase the fact it listed him as a consultant for Orbis, Steele’s company.

You would wonder if this was all a smokescreen to stop people focusing on how an MI6-backed dossier was used to try and keep Trump out of office.  An attempt by the UK to interfere in an election, you know, like those nasty Russians are accused of.

At the very least you would be very concerned about the stunning ineptitude of MI6.

But anyway, sorry to have distracted you.

Your two minutes start now.

Evil Russians. Hate!  Hate!














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