Skripals: 5th March – Mark Urban On Newsnight

Before we start:

  1. Our position is, whoever did it, did it.  We don’t favour Russia or anyone else as guilty.  Our view is that the “official” line from the UK Govt and Police has more holes than a french fishing net, and wonder why.
  2. This will not be very long.  Something we have often said to head-off disappointment in personal encounters.


Firstly, you can read our last piece to get some background on Mark Urban, and his connections to Sergei Skripal, oh and his old RTR buddy Pablo Miller, by clicking here (new window).

And we would just point out that a cursory flick through Mr Urban’s twitter feed reveals some very interesting views in relation to the case:

So, basically, his message and position has been that the British government have played a straight bat on this one.  Mark is basically saying: “Just believe what you’re told, like good boys and girls.”

A delightful appeal to authority.


Mark Urban & Sergei Skripal

We now know, after a grudging admission, that Mark Urban knew all about Skripal after several visits to see him in 2017.

Urban was writing a book about him, and decided to actually speak to him, apparently.

By who, where, and how, those meetings were arranged and conducted remains a mystery.

Makes you wonder though, if this was a private project on private time, why is the BBC blocking FOI requests in relation to it?

Anyway, on with the show….

Take a look at this video on the night of 5th of March.  Mr Urban seems incredibly well informed, even though he states it’s all speculation on his part…

Note especially how he says that Skripal had very few connections in and around Salisbury.

This is patently untrue, as we know he did indeed interact with the community.  We also know he regularly met his handler, Pablo Miller, on a regular basis.

So Urban appears to deliberately imply Skripal didn’t really know many people, despite knowing he does….

…while at the same time alluding to connections with the UK military.

So perhaps he did know a lot of people then Mark?

Like…UK military personnel apparently, according to Mark, who mentions his army connections.

Plus, vitally, Mark Urban mentions that Skirpal was active in consultancy work, both at home and abroad.

If Mr Urban did not know about Orbis – Miller – Skripal – Steele, then that is ONE HELL OF A COINCIDENTAL thing to bring up.

What is clear is that Mark Urban knew an incredible amount about Skripal, and the interview confirms this.

Yet NO MENTION that he met Skripal, despite it being an obvious thing to say.

It has now been confirmed that Urban came clean, and told his bosses about Skripal on the 5th March:

“Mark Urban’s line managers were aware last year that he was working on a book and more specifically from 5th March this year that this work had included interviews with Mr Skripal. “

We assume just before that Newsnight appearance.

So why not mention you met the guy at the centre of the LARGEST story for a decade?






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Watch him closely in relation to his book, it will let details slip and will show how he was fed info