Skirpals: The Hit Team In The Maltings Salisbury- NEW EVIDENCE

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In our last piece, we explained why the actions of the two operatives Petrov and Boshirov  were odd.

So odd that they make no sense as a hit team, but complete sense as the spotting team, to see that the Skirpals have left home and are on their way to a rendezvous with a hit team.

You can read about that here as background.


The Red Bag Lady & Freya Church

Our view all along has been that the Skirpals were hit in the Maltings, at or near, the bench, by a hit team.

Remember the claims that the police were looking for a team of four, including a woman?

There was initial CCTV footage from the Snap Fitness centre, that showed a man and woman, with a red bag, that police were very interested in, according the the gym manager:

“Police had a good look at the footage and were interested in these two people. It was the only image they took away.”



As you can see, this footage was taken at 15:47.  At 16:03, the same camera recorded witness Freya Church leaving her job at Snap Fitness, turning left out of the door and heading into the Maltings.

Around two minutes later, she reached the bench the Skripals were on:

“An older guy and a younger girl. She was sort of leant in on him, it looked like she had passed out maybe.


“He was doing some strange hand movements, looking up to the sky…


“They looked so out of it I thought even if I did step in I wasn’t sure how I could help.”


The Second Freya Church interview

Freya church did two TV interviews.

The first was recorded on the evening of Monday 5th March, after she left work.

The second was on the Tuesday morning, as she walked to work.  That second interview is available in raw form here.

What is interesting is what she is saying under the voiceover at the start of the interview.

We are thankful to a contact for cleaning up and slowing down her words, so that the last two words can now be heard correctly.

Those two words change the entire context of both her description AND the Skripal case:


She says:

“And I… sort of got eye contact with them [pause] with the couple that were walking past, and then [long pause] it ends.”

What we have is clear confirmation that:

1/ Freya Church was shown the Snap video footage some time on Monday evening, or early Tuesday morning. That is confirmed by the words “ ends.” It’s the only thing that could have ended in that context.

2/ In this sentence, her context is: the couple walking past the gym in the CCTV footage.  But she also confirms she made eye contact with them, meaning she saw them at the bench as well.


Did Freya Church See The Hit Team?

The inescapable conclusion is that Freya Church could have seen the hit team.

She clearly describes making eye contact with the couple she also saw in the Snap Fitness CCTV clip.

That couple entered the Maltings, walking over the bridge, around 15:48.

Freya Church did not leave work until 16:03, getting to the bench at around 16:04, SIXTEEN minutes later.

So the red bag couple were in the Maltings for at least 16 minutes.

Freya describes them walking past within the context of the video footage.  The more sinister point here is that she was not talking about them walking past the bench.

Something about this scene made Freya uncomfortable:

“I was a bit nervous, so I walked on”

So Freya Church approached the bench. Another couple, the same couple as in the Snap CCTV footage, were already there. Nobody said a word, and then Freya felt so uncomfortable about the situation that she walked on.


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