Skirpal Attack: The Curious Case Of Alexander And Ruslan

In this article I am going to put together all the known information about the movement and actions of the Skripals and the alleged assassins Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, over the 3rd and 4th march 2018.

The question throughout is simple: are the facts, as presented by the authorities, credible, sensible and believable?

I will then ask you to consider motives.  Who stood to gain most?

Finally, I will tell you what we here at the Shocker think really happened in Salisbury, and why it has been covered-up.


The Weather

Let’s be British here, and start by talking about the weather.

The weekend of 2/3/4th March 2018, the weekend the Skripals were attacked, was the the start of the “Beast From The East”, a month of snow and biting cold.

Going into that weekend the news was covered in reports about possible delays, blocked roads, cancelled flights, and general chaos. It was reported across Europe that a significant weather event was underway.

Do not travel unless absolutely essential.

If you were about to launch an operation to travel to Gatwick, use trains, commit an assassination, and then exit the UK rapidly via Heathrow that weekend, wouldn’t you have been concerned and postponed it?

“But we could be stuck for days and exposed?”

“Don’t worry comrade, oh, and spraying that Novichok around will be safe as well. Green! Green!”

The Met, in their appeal stated:

“The public may remember it was a particularly cold weekend and there was heavy snow in Salisbury.”

Even Sergei Skripal had the foresight to get his mate to take him to pick up Yulia in his 4×4, rather than take the risk of getting stranded.

That those two people went to Salisbury is undeniable. But it does seem an odd time for an assassination attempt using public transport, IF they were the assassins, and not something else entirely.

Would professionals launch an assassination attempt in a foreign country, knowing their operatives reliant on public transport, stood a high chance of being stranded?

Possible? Yes. Probable?


Saturday 3rd March 2018

According to the Met timeline, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov:

“On Saturday, 3 March, they left the hotel and took the underground to Waterloo station, arriving at approximately 11.45am, where they caught a train to Salisbury, arriving at approximately 2.25pm.”

There is no image of this event, so it is impossible to verify this arrival time.

The Met state the reason they visited on the day before the attack was:

“We assess that this trip was for reconnaissance of the Salisbury area”

Sounds fair enough. All very spy-like and clandestine.

But the reality is they could have just used Google maps and street view to see in HIGH DETAIL the route from the station to the Skripals house.

It’s literally a ten minute walk.  Not a complicated route, no need to time it or map anything.

They obviously didn’t care about being caught on CCTV, or they would have used a car rather than public transport, so they weren’t looking for a route to avoid.

They must also have worked on the assumption that an ex MI6 asset and ex GRU officer might just possibly have CCTV at his home, or be at home.  So wandering up his road in broad daylight would also have been incredibly risky, just to see what anyone can see on Google street view:

Yes, that is a LONG, straight road, with only ONE way in and out.  Very visible to wander up it in daylight, with the Skripal house having a view right down the road.

You can see why Sergei purchased it…..

Yes, of course, the obvious point is that they may have known Skirpal had gone to meet his daughter at Heathrow, making it the perfect time to be around his address.

But what did they gain from doing that?

So lets assume they didn’t wander up to Skirpals front door for a test run.

But they did do something in Salisbury for 1hr 45m.

As the hit was going to be done via Novichok on the door handle, what else could they be doing for nearly two hours?  Shopping?

The only logical conclusion is they met someone.  Russians?  Whoever it was, they were already there, and were willing to take  a risk by visiting the scene.

Whatever they did, they certainly did not stake Skripal out, look at his movements and routine, or have the time to do anything constructive to improve their chances of a successful hit, if they were the only people involved.

They then caught a train back to London around 16:15, conveniently standing in full view of an obvious CCTV camera location to stare at (what a local contact has reliably told me) is an arrival/departure board.

Why not do that on a phone away from the obvious CCTV location?  It’s almost like they *wanted* to be recorded.  The only thing they could have done to put themselves more in view, would have been to wave:

And why only one CCTV image released of the “recon” day.  The police must have the same CCTV footage as from the Sunday locations, so they DO know which way they went as they exited the station.

But they haven’t said.  Despite appealing for information about their movements in Salisbury.

Isn’t that odd. Give us a clue plod?

Would assassins have made the Saturday visit, during travel disruption, to make a recon they could do on Google?  Does this visit seem like an action well funded, well trained, state operatives would undertake?

Possible? Yes. Probable?


Sunday 4th march 2018: THE HIT

The Met timeline states:

“On Sunday, 4 March, they made the same journey from the hotel, again using the underground from Bow to Waterloo station at approximately 8.05am, before continuing their journey by train to Salisbury.”

Looking at the supplied timestamp, they reached Salisbury just before 11:48am:

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov

They then walked out of the station, turned left, and walked along Wilton Road, where they were caught on the CCTV camera of a Shell garage ten minutes later at 11:58am:

Note how they wandered right past it.  If you wanted to be covert, you would have used the opposite side of the road, to minimise visibility to the obvious CCTV camera risk.

Well I would.  Wouldn’t you?

Also, locals have now walked this route, and NONE have been able to cover the ground from the station to the garage in the less than ten minutes these guys had, if the timestamps are correct.

Isn’t that odd?

After this, they crossed the road, and walked up Canadian Avenue, then round into the LONG, STRAIGHT, Christie Miller Road

In broad daylight.

Sunday lunch time.

Not at night. When they could do the same job with a much lower risk.

The Met timeline next states:

“CCTV shows them in the vicinity of Mr Skripal’s house and we believe that they contaminated the front door with Novichok.”

What is odd about this statement is:

  1. The garage footage is hardly “in the vicinity” of the Skirpals house. So was there more CCTV footage not released.  Like from the Skirpals house?  If so, why not release that?
  2. If the footage they mean is that garage footage, then “We believe they contaminated the front door with Novichok” makes sense.  Although, I thought it was like, totes clear they did?  Boris said.

And where were the Skripals at this point?

Well.  Erm, apparently nobody knows, or isn’t saying.  Because they had both turned their phones off that morning, Which is odd as they obviously weren’t at home.

The police do have access to CCTV footage from various road and private cameras around Salisbury, but to date have not clarified where they were seen, what they did, or explained why their phones were off.

The best guess from the information made public, is that they visited the grave of his wife, as Skripals BMW was seen on CCTV at 9.15am in the Wilton Road area, and some, not all, reports suggest fresh flowers were placed on her grave.  Although that does not prove a visit took place that morning.

So while two crack operatives were wandering up their road and apparently spraying Novichok onto their door handle, the Skripals were…..well, it’s anyone’s guess where they were.

How likely is it that nobody saw two men wandering up that long road to the Skirpals, putting on rubber gloves at the least, but probably also sars masks, priming the fake perfume bottle, spraying the door handle, putting that all away safely, then wandering back down the road?

Possible? Yes. Probable?


Sunday 4th march 2018: GRU ON TOUR

At some point before 13:35, the Skirpals MUST have returned home.  If they didn’t, then they couldn’t have touched their front door handle. If the police are telling us the truth of course.

Keeping up? Stay with us, it gets complicated from here.

We know this because:

A security camera at the Devizes Inn pub caught Skripal driving towards the city centre in his maroon BMW 3-Series at 1.35pm on March 4.”

So they must have returned home between 12:30 (the latest reasonable time the assassins could have left the scene) and 13:30, to have touched the door handle, because they, amazingly and conveniently, didn’t turn up earlier, while the elite hit squad were wandering around.

This could have been deliberate in terms of timing.  But such timing for the attack would have required spotters with the Skirpals, relaying their position to the hit team, something yet to be mentioned.

Meanwhile, the two elite operatives wandered back the way they came.

But rather than go to the station and catch the 13:27 train to Waterloo, you know, to get the hell out of the area fast, they did something very bizarre.

They went for a walk in the city centre.

Exposing themselves to more CCTV cameras, and with every second, increasing the risk of being caught.

At 13:08 they were shown on Fisherton/Bridge Street:

OK, no problem, until you realise the context of this CCTV image.

This image shows Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov walking over the bridge, back towards the train station from the city centre.

This means they walked past the train station, wandered into Salisbury for nearly an hour, and then walked back out at around 13:10.

You have to take the Mets word for that however, as the timestamp has been removed/cropped out.

All the time knowing that the Skirpals could have collapsed at their door, been found, Police called, CCTV footage in the house found, and a manhunt already underway.

Not likely of course, but you’ve just tried to assassinate someone, so why increase the risk by hanging around for over an hour after the hit?

So they wander back out of the city, and a few hundred metres after crossing the bridge, they cross the road and are seen again:

A minor point, but what is odd here is that the station is on the other side of the road further up.  So why cross the road, then have to cross it again in another few hundred metres?  Lost?  Shopping for sofas?

Looking at the position of the CCTV camera, if they had remained on the correct side of the road, they would not have been filmed as clearly. It’s almost like they wanted to be on camera clearly.

Is it logical they would act in this way?

Possible. Yes. Probable?


Where Did “Petrov” & “Boshirov” Go?

Well they definitely crossed the bridge on their way in, which it’s worth mentioning is right next to the Bishops Mill pub, where the Skirpals went less than three hours later:

Where they ended up is Catherine Street.  We know this is likely as Charlie Rowley said he thinks the most likely place he found the perfume bottle that killed Dawn Sturgess, was in a charity bin behind the Cloisters pub:

If the bottle was there, then our elite team must have been there. IF they carried out the attack.

But why would they go there?  Look at the journey:

After this long, odd walk to the back of a pub, they dumped a bottle of perfume containing Novichok, then wandered all the way back to the station, using main roads covered by CCTV, when it’s obvious from the map that other routes exist, to board a train back to Waterloo around 2pm:

Does this long, odd route, destination, and their actions, seem like something trained hitmen would do after a hit?

Possible? Yes. Probable?


So…What About The Skirpals?

Well, we literally have no idea what happened to them.  The reason we have no idea,  is that not a single image, not one CCTV still of them in Salisbury, has been released.

The police asked for the public to help track their movements.

But decided not to show us what they were wearing, where they were, or what happened on that bench, despite it being covered by at least TWO CCTV cameras.

The head of Salisbury council has confirmed they were working, and that the Police have footage with the Skirpals in it.

PUBLIC: “What do they look like?”

COPS: “We’re not telling you.”

But briefly, and remembering that at this point they had hands coated with Novichok, which feels greasy according to Charlie Rowley, but which oddly they didn’t notice it on the door handle or their hands, the Skripals:

1/ Parked at Sainsburys next to the Maltings.

2/ At around 1.45pm, they gave children bread, which the children ate, and fed the ducks with.  Where they got the bread, and why the kids didn’t die, or even get contacted, remains unanswered. This event has been confirmed by the parents,  but the police are yet to mention this key event happening.

3/ They walked around the corner to Zizzi, and had a quick meal. Sergei got angry, and they left abruptly around 14:45pm.

4/ They walked to the Bishop Mill pub.  They sat by the door. Sergei goes to the toilet, and then they leave around 15:35pm.

5/ Suddenly reappearing at 16:03pm on a bench in the Maltings, half an hour later, despite the fact the Mill is literally next to the Maltings, they are seen by witness Freya Church in trouble.  Collapsed on a bench, together, at the same instant, the same second, despite being contaminated hours before, and potentially at different times.  No call for help, just simultaneous collapse.

  • The police have yet to mention the fact that children were given bread by the Novichok-coated Skirpals hands.  But it happened.
  • Nobody has been able to explain how they literally collapsed at the exact same moment, not even calling for help. Rowley and Sturgess were contaminated within seconds of each other, but collapsed eight hours apart.
  • Nobody has explained where they were in the morning, or for the nearly half hour after they left the Mill pub.
  • Nobody has explained how first responders arrived within ONE MINUTE of a 999 call being made at 16:15pm.
  • Nobody has explained how an army nurse, who refused to be named, was on the scene before the medics arrived. What an incredible stroke of luck that was.
  • Nobody has explained how officer Nick Bailey managed to attend the scene almost immediately, and then later get novichoked at the Skirpals home that evening, which was entered without warrant, and for some reason, put under guard by nightfall, despite  no evidence at that point the “retired spy” had been attacked.
  • We have no idea what the Skirpals were even wearing!

With “little hope” of the perpetrators ever being extradited, isn’t odd we have not heard from Bailey, or Sergei Skripal?  That our only words from “fluent” Yulia, are an oddly worded written statement three months ago?

That we have not seen A SINGLE IMAGE of the Skripals in Salisbury, or the activity at the bench?

And consider that response.

Imagine falling ill in that way in your home town at 4.15pm on a cold Sunday during the “Beast From The East”.

Can you see a situation where such a fast response and large group of first responders, including CID , would happen within minutes?

The hugely expensive air ambulance called within thirty minutes, despite Salisbury hospital being only a mile away, two ambulances already at the scene, and zero traffic due to the time of day. And no, the snow wasn’t an issue, local reports say all roads were completely clear at that time.

Can you imagine the police grabbing your house keys from your collapsed body and entering your home, rooting around in it for, what?

Putting an overnight police guard on the house?

Can you imagine specialists in full hazmat suits buzzing around the scene within five hours?

Skripal wasn’t named publically for two days.  Even if he was known locally, do you believe the local services lept into action so aggressively and with such resources, based purely on a name some of them might have known?

Would you get even half of that urgency and special treatment?

Possible? Yes. Probable?


And What Of The Assassins?

Well, look at what must have happened, for the Met explanation to hold water.

They walk up to Skirpals door.  They put on latex gloves, get the bottle out of the box, attach the long nozzle, and spray the door:

They then do what?

I’m guessing they know how deadly this stuff is, so on the spot, or as they walk, they remove latex gloves, and place them somewhere where they cannot be touched, perhaps into a plastic bag, which goes in the rucksack both men are seen carrying.

The bottle of Novichok may well have gone in there as well.

That’s a lot of weird activity in broad daylight, in the street.

Plus all that Novichok you’ve just sprayed being potentially all over the place.

But they apparently clear up and casually wander off without any contamination.

And this is where things get even more strange.

Charlie Rowley stated that the bottle he found was cellophane wrapped. SEALED.

If he is right, the assassins walked a mile into Salisbury for no apparent reason, then dumped it into a charity bin, while dumping the used bottle and gloves…where?

If he is wrong, and there was only one bottle, then the assassins, removed the long nozzle, put the bottle back into the box, then walked a mile into Salisbury and dumped it into a charity bin, for Rowley to find months later, yet not get contaminated until two weeks later, when it was sprayed.

All of which begs the completely obvious question:

Whether it was one bottle, or one each, why didn’t they just drop it all down a drain?

Look on any residential street. Deep, water-filled drains everywhere, with grille covers.  Push the bottles and gloves through.

Hidden. Safe, gone, dealt with.

Nah, lets wander through Salisbury with it all and dump it in a skip next to a busy car park.

Possible? Yes. Probable?


Why Did They Do It?

Two operatives wandered around highly populated areas of England, in front of dozens of CCTV cameras, making two trips to the location of a simple two minute spraying of a door handle job, on public transport, in the most disruptive weather for a decade.

They had Russian visa’s, Russian passports, Russian names, and flew on Aeroflot direct from, and to, Moscow.

They  used top secret Novichok, which even sounds Russian.

They couldn’t have been any more obvious, or Russian, than if they had simply worn hi-vis vests with “GRU ON TOUR” on the back.

You have to ask: who stood to gain most from this telegraphed attack?

The Russians?

They could have killed Skripal at any point over the past twenty years if they were that angry with him.  For eight years he was living in Salisbury under his real name.

There are rumours he visited the Russian embassy regularly, and was hoping to be allowed a visa to return.  Why not wait until then?

He regularly, confirmed by his friend Mr Cassidy, went abroad to eastern Europe.  So why not hit him there?  Nobody would have given a toss, least of all the UK government and press.

It would have still sent “the message” we keep being told Putin wants to send to traitors.

But sure, they could have done it.  For historic reasons.  To send a message.  Or to stop a man who wasn’t retired at all.

Which brings us to the UK/US.

Skirpal still met his old MI6 handler Pablo Miller.  Miller worked for Orbis, the company run by Chris Steele, the man behind the Trump “dodgy dossier”.

A lot of enemies have been made over that dossier, and with those connections, trips abroad, requests for a Russian visa from Skripal, plus his friend Mr Cassidy saying he had recently changed his routine and feared for his life, and you wonder whether he was ready to run to Russia as the lesser of two evils….

Even if it was the Russians, could it be that Western intelligence turned a blind eye to the attack, and then used it to further their anti-Russia, excuse to act on Syria, stance?

It would certainly get rid of a loose cannon, which will help when the Steele stuff really hits the fan.

We know the assassins had to supply visas to enter the UK, which one of them did at least once previously.  The government has also suggested, through saying they are GRU men, that they know who they really are.

So how did this attack, so clumsy, blatant, and frankly ludicrous if it happened as we are told, not get spotted and stopped by MI6?

The response in Salisbury was clearly unusual.  Within minutes a ton of first responders, within three hours, his house searched without a warrant, and a police guard.  Sources saying that the authorities knew on Sunday night is was a nerve agent attack, with specialists at Salisbury hospital within hours.

All of that points to a possibility that the security services knew of a potential plot involving a nerve agent.

Hence the detective Sergeant Nick Bailey on the scene within minutes.  Was he the Skirpals assigned officer that weekend?

And Putin?

What did he gain?

The message of power and reach was lost through the failure of the mission.  Even more so with the release of the keystone cops GRU-On-Tour images we have now seen.

Sure he got Skripal out of the way.  Sure he might have gained some kudos.

But at the obvious, never in doubt, cost to his nation of increased isolation and massive biting sanctions.

Is that a price you would pay to kill and old spy?

Possible? Yes. Probable?


And where Is Sergei?

He was released from hospital weeks ago.

One thing is certain.

His old handler, Pablo Miller, won’t need to keep his seat warm at the Cote Brasserie for a while.


Our opinion?

The Skirpals were told to meet someone in Salisbury on Sunday.

That’s why their phones were off.  They were off all day, so they wouldn’t be tracked. It didn’t if matter they were on CCTV, as long as they were not trackable at that time.

It’s why they didn’t make an emergency call. They didn’t have time to turn one on and use it before the Novichok took effect.

The two dudes arrived in Salisbury as spotters.

That explains the weird, short, Saturday journey.

To meet the actual hit team, who were already in Salisbury, and had already done the proper groundwork on Skirpals movements and location for the hit.   Away from CCTV, which is why the police have appealed for witnesses of their movements on Saturday.

Remember the reports of a man and a woman being of interest, as part of a four person team?

That’s why they were wandering along the main road at key locations, near the Maltings, near the Mill pub,  around the time the Skirpals left home, and why they didn’t get on the 13:27 train back to London.

They knew where to be to visually confirm the Skirpals were en route.

They have turned into the car park.  Job done, good luck.

Plan B wasn’t needed. the “hit and hope” door handle job, as the Skirpals took the bait. So the Novichok they carried was ditched.

Or maybe they were allocated the secondary job, and did spray the door handle anyway, as an insurance policy before heading into Salisbury to act as spotters.

The Skirpals were hit in the middle of Salisbury, by another team, at the bench.

It explains the “missing” 30 minutes after they left the pub. They were speaking to someone.

It explains why they were both overcome simultaneously.

It also explains how kids were handed bread, why cutlery, glasses and money were touched, yet nobody in Salisbury got Novichoked.

The only people who did were at that bench.

The hit team escaped via another route, possibly dumping their unused Novichok in the car park charity bin, where they also got into a car and drove away. They avoided exposure to CCTV, avoided public transport, and exited the UK quietly.

The package has been delivered.

Little CCTV to show, no movements to track, no people to pin it to.

A second team hit the Skirpals in the middle of an English city. Faced with the prospect of public panic, and potentially shutting down a city centre indefinitely, the government decided on a cover-up.

The result: we have only been told about the keystone KGB duo, because the alternative is to tell the British people the truth.

They might have been Russian, it might have been down to Putin.

But the reason for the blatant cover-up is that it happened in the middle of Salisbury, and the security services were aware it might happen, but failed to stop it.

Possible? Yes? Improbable…..?

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Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh

There is one thing I do not understand.

Why do you assume that the hit team “exited the UK”? Why do you assume they were foreigners?


As it says in the writing. To pin it on Russia.


Very interesting theory that works contrary to the official one with the delayed action Novichok hitting two different people with two different contamination levels at the same time 4 hours later, but despite doubting would Russia/Putin do this with the world cup and an election around the corner, and the aggression it would raise against them from around the western world in consequence, you don’t clarify if in your theory the op was Russian/Putin baked.

My best bet fwiw, is that the dodgy dossier, Trump, Steele, Miller, and Skripal, and the war in Syria going the wrong western way with Assad and Russia winning, make up the main ingredients of this dogs dinner, with Ukraine and Crimea as side plates.


They agree with you:

“It is more likely that they were attacked shortly before they were found collapsed on the park bench.”


How about the different jacket and shoes? Surely the do not travel with spares for such a short visit?


Why not?

You can bring a suitcase!

Or when in London for the Friday night, or the Saturday, you can buy some. It’s a big city!

It’s not like they had to take them home. Just leave them in the room and sod off!

Plus, if they were the guys who did it, then a change of clothes after handling nerve agent is probably wise….

Bob Marsden
Bob Marsden

The bungling has the fingerprints of the CIA. The Russian pair seem to have been confused about what they were supposed to be doing and who they were to meet. Lured over as patsies. The door handle contamination was a red herring. All the official stories have reality gaps and implausibilities involving persons unknown and probably unknowable.


Funny how Steele was Litvinenko’s MI6 handler and his connection to Pablo Miller and Skripal


Last para:

The Pentagon-funded military facilities are not under the direct control of the host state as the US military and civilian personnel is working under diplomatic cover. The local governments are prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the foreign military program running on their own territory. Without being under the direct control of the host state, these Pentagon bio-laboratories put the health of the local population at risk and must be closed.


Operation Toxic Dagger ran from 12th February to 4th or 5th March. Bear in mind that this would almost certainly have involved the secret US facilities at Porton Down operating under diplomatic immunity.

“According to the 2005 Agreement between the US DoD and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine the Ukrainian government is prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the US program. The Pentagon has been operating 11 biolaboartories in Ukraine.

Porton Down is just one of the Pentagon-funded military laboratories
in 25 countries across the world, where the US Army produces and tests man-made viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN convention. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program-
Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

The Pentagon-funded military facilities are not under the direct control of the host state as the US military and civilian personnel is working under diplomatic cover. The local governments are prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the foreign military program running on their own territory. Without being under the direct control of the host state, these Pentagon bio-laboratories put the health of the local population at risk and must be closed.”


There is one HUGE major flaw in choosing 4th March – the Skripal’s may not have gone out that day at all. Beast from the East, Yulia arriving from Russia the day before, they may have just wanted to stay in for the day and chill, so to speak. So how did this crack team of assassins know they would be out at exactly the same time they arrived in Salisbury?