MI6 Will Be So Proud: Urban & Harding Continue The Ludicrous Skripal Narrative

Mark Urban is releasing a book on Skripal.

He didn’t tell anyone he had met him during 2017 for that purpose mind you, not even his BBC bosses, until forced to, the day after Skripal was allegedly poisoned.

Which would explain the intimate knowledge he demonstrated on Newsnight that evening, 5th March.

It’s even stranger that Mark didn’t tell his bosses earlier, when he MUST have been aware that Skripal still met his “old” MI6 handler in Salisbury.

Urban must have been aware that this handler, who was an old tanker mate of Urban, was linked to Orbis, the company Christopher Steele ran.

Seems a HUGE link, to a HUGE global story, to not tell your bosses at one of the world’s largest news agencies?

He didn’t admit to the public he had met Skripal until July 2018.  FOUR months after Skirpal was “novichoked”.


Enter Harding….

So sorry for putting an image in your mind you may never recover from.

Today, Luke Harding has a piece in the Guardian publicising, sorry I mean reviewing, his mates’ book.

What is said is very interesting, and shows how Harding and Urban are deliberately perpetuating the myth of the official narrative.

Look at what Harding states in the article.

“The poisoned former spy Sergei Skripal was initially reluctant to believe the Russian government had tried to kill him”


“Skripal struggled to come to terms with his situation following the novichok attack on him and his daughter”


“When Skripal woke five weeks later from a coma, he faced some “difficult psychological adjustments” – not least the fact that he was at first reluctant to recognise he had been the target of a Kremlin “murder plot”.

These statements raise two significant and serious problems.

Firstly, how does Harding (and you would assume Urban) know this?

Skripal was kept away from the press.  As far as we are told, he has had no contact with the press, not even his own 90 year old mum, since the poisoning.

So who did Skripal tell about these struggles, for Harding make those statements?


Secondly, the picture painted is at complete odds to the statements of the people close to Sergei Skripal.

Ross Cassidy, Sergei’s best friend in Salisbury, stated in an interview that:

“The best friend of Sergei Skripal has revealed the Russian spy suspected ‘retribution was coming’ in the weeks before he was poisoned.”

He also said:

“Speaking for the first time, Ross Cassidy said Mr Skripal – who betrayed dozens of his old comrades to MI6 – seemed ‘spooked’ and changed his mobile phone amid concern it was being monitored.”

The Mail then makes a very bizarre statement in that same article:

“Sources close to the investigation said Mr Skripal told detectives they were then followed home to Salisbury.”

It could be a typo and the journalist meant Mr Cassidy, but if it’s true, then when did Mr Skripal tell detectives they were followed home? After he woke from a coma, or on the Saturday when it happened?

Mr Cassidy continues:

Mr Cassidy, 62, a former submariner, said: ‘In hindsight, with some of the things Sergei said, he suspected retribution was coming.’

‘Sergei was very apprehensive. It was as though he knew something was up. Had he been tipped off or heard that things were moving against him back in Russia?


‘One thing is for sure. He was unusually twitchy. He was spooked.’

Twitchy.  Spooked.  Exactly how witnesses described Sergei in Zizzi’s.

Mr Cassidy also said, and this is worth quoting at length from the Mail article:

‘However, I was surprised that they said the Novichok was placed on the Sunday lunchtime. I have always thought it was placed on the Saturday afternoon when we were collecting Yulia from Heathrow, or even Saturday night.


‘These guys are professional assassins. It would have been far too brazen for them to have walked down a dead end cul-de-sac in broad daylight on a Sunday lunchtime.


‘Sergei’s house faces up the cul-de-sac. He had a converted garage that he used as his office – this gives a full view of the street.


‘Almost always, Sergei used to open the door to us before we had chance to knock. Whenever we visited, he’d see us approaching.


‘Something had spooked Sergei in the weeks prior to the attack. He was twitchy, I don’t know why, and he even changed his mobile phone.


‘You might say the precise timings don’t matter. But they do matter because they don’t currently make sense.’

Does any of that sound like the state of mind of the man Harding/Urban are describing?

Does Sergei sound like a man “…reluctant to believe the Russian government had tried to kill him”.

No.  It’s a load of bollocks isn’t it.

He was well aware of the implications, and had changed his phone and routines to count that threat.

So why does Harding perpetuate the myth of the innocent old retired spy, living quietly in Salisbury?


The Hidden Spy

Nobody has seen or heard from Sergei Skripal since, well forever.  We haven’t seen a still, or CCTV footage, of him in Salisbury.

Not even a description of what he and Yulia were wearing.

Which is incredibly odd, as a national TV journalist admitted to the Shocker.

A Russian crew tried to get into Salisbury hospital, but were thwarted.  You would assume other journalists have also tried to get in to the hospital, to see him.

Yet apparently, all they had to do was wander into the completely open public gardens.

Harding states:

“As an information war raged between London and Moscow, Skripal recuperated, and sometimes sat in a garden near the main part of Salisbury hospital.”

And yet, nobody got near him as he sat there.

Nobody even saw him.

Salisbury district hospital has literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of people in it every week.

Yet not one saw Skirpal.  Nobody has tweeted “Saw old Skirpal at the hospital!”

Nobody got a photo, or footage.  In this age when people stand by filming murders and god knows what.

How did nobody report seeing him, or speak to him, if he was being wheeled around the hospital, to go and sit in a public garden?


That Nagging CCTV Question

We are told that Boshirov (now Chepiga, but it could change by tomorrow) and Petrov walked brazenly up to Skripal’s front door to apply the novichok.

In broad daylight.  Sunday lunchtime.

Now you would think, considering how paranoid his mate Ross Cassidy said he was, that Sergei would have CCTV at his house. It’s cheap, and even an old spy could set-up a camera recording to an SD card, linked to a phone app that would trigger on movement,  in about 5 minutes.

We have now also had it confirmed, as anyone with a brain already knew, that Sergei’s well positioned house (can see up the road, and buildings overlooking all angles) was selected for him by MI6:

“Urban recalls a series of meetings with Skripal in summer 2017 when the Russian spy was living quietly and apparently safely in an MI6-bought house in Salisbury.”

By the way, notice how again Harding paints an image of a retired old spy bumbling around.

That is very much at odds with German Focus magazines sources, who suggest he was an active asset for Western intelligence, exposing Russians in Estonia in 2016, and Poland in 2017.

And of course the fact he still met his “old” MI6 handler Pablo Miller in Salisbury, at least once a month.  Pablo Miller who was a consultant for Orbis, Chris Steele’s company.

Yeah sure, he was living a REAL QUIET life away from drama, wasn’t he Luke?

It’s so ridiculous, it’s pathetic.

But anyway, putting aside that massive inconvenience to the Urban/Harding/HMG narrative, we get confirmation that MI6 bought Skripals’ house for him.  Actually twice, as we are now paying for it to be demolished and for Skripal to get the sale value cash.

It’s clear that Skripal was an active intelligence asset.

Who knew he was under threat.

Is it conceivable that Sergei Skripal does not have CCTV in, or near, his home, either set-up by himself, or MI6?

No, of course it’s not.

The Yard have stated to a source that they: “Cannot confirm or deny the presence of CCTV”.

So why don’t the government end this charade with Russia right now, and release that footage of the spies outside his house?  It would destroy the Russian government claims of innocence immediately.

Looking at the facts, it is obvious that Luke Harding is supporting Mark Urban in perpetuating a myth around the life of Sergei Skripal that is pure fantasy.


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