Let’s Destroy Some Myths About Caroyne Cass

“She is Jacob Wohl’s girfriend.”

No she isn’t.  Yes they both live in LA.

But she is 36 (34 in some sources).  He is 20 (or 19 according to some sources). Does that sound like an age gap a 34 year old would tolerate?

Secondly, people have, for reasons we cannot fathom if you have eyes, confused Carolyne Cass with a girl who apparently did used to be Wohl’s girlfriend.

However, to anyone with eyes connected to a brain, these two people are evidently NOT the same person:

Alina, on the right, has addressed this in detail on her twitter feed already.  Carolyne Cass is not on twitter.

If you still believe that the people above are the same person, then you are either a troll, a moron, or blind.


Carolyne Cass is a scammer!

Well according to some press:

In 2017, Cass sued TV producer Erik Desando in small claims court for “break of contract, misrepresented services, character defamation, libel, slander and bait + switch tactics” according to filings from the Santa Monica Courthouse in late 2017. In July of this year, after winning her case, Cass was awarded $10,000 by the court.


HillReporter reached out to Erik Desando for comment, and his thoughts on Ms. Cass. Desando told us “she’s a complete scam artist, loser. She ripped me off. She caused problems for every single person that I’ve introduced her to. She’s a complete nightmare.

Note their bold emhasis.

But what you have to see is that she WON THE CASE.

Yet this journalist focuses on the accusations of the guy who LOST.  Bizarre story angle to take.

So she is not a scammer, there is no evidence beyond the bitterness of the man she sued.


That photo of Wohl with Cass is old!

No.  It’s not.

Within 5 minutes of Cassandra Fairbanks posting it with Wohl’s permission on twitter, we did a Yandex reverse image search, amongst others.



Carolyne Cass would have been about 60/10/whatever years ol..can’t be her!

There is only one allegation at the minute. The other is emails from someone not proven to exist.

The only allegation is that a 34/36 year old woman claims Robert Mueller raped her in 2010.

You do the math.  Or maths as we say here.



Mueller Was On Jury Service August 2 2010

Yes he was.

That has been confirmed by the Washington Post, who published a piece about it, on the 3rd August 2010.

So, as he and his team have pointed out, he cannot have been raping Carolyne Cass in NYC that day.

But here’s the thing.

Carolyne’s statement actually states: “On or about August 2, 2010”.

NOT specifically August 2nd.  Do you remember where you were then?

Is it possible she knows the rough day but not exactly?


Yeah but here’s the clincher…The 19th floor of the St Regis hotel is a gym!

You’re absolutely right.

the 19th floor of the hotel, where Carolyne Cass claims she was taken, is now a gym.

But it wasn’t in 2010.

The NY Times reported on the 2013 facelift.


So what is the truth?

The truth is to ignore Jacob Wohl and look at the known FACTS.

ONE. Carolyne Cass exists.

TWO. Robert Mueller was in NYC within 2 days of the claimed “about” August 2nd 2010, and could have stay overnight on the 4th.

THREE. The 19th floor of the hotel was guest suites in 2010.

FOUR. Carolyne Cass frequented the hotel and lived in NYC in 2010.


Dr Ford was not raped.  Her allegations were vague.

Carolyne Cass has made SPECIFIC allegations of rape by the HEAD OF THE FBI.

Unlike Ford, the facts of her allegations are VERIFIABLE by law enforcement and the press.

The bottom line here is a woman has made an allegation of rape, and the facts stack up to some degree.

Rather than ridicule, doesn’t this woman deserve to be shown some respect, while the facts are established?





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