Jacob Wohl Raises The Possibility Robert Mueller Is Not Telling The Whole Truth

Like everyone else, even across the pond, here at The Shocker we have been transfixed by the incredible, unfolding story of Jacob Wohl.

His bizarre exploits, setting up a fake intelligence agency, and leaving online footprints to the fact so huge that anyone’s mum could spot them, have been hilarious.

However, something happened after the press conference that made us stop and reconsider the circus that had unfolded. It made us discuss some key possibilities:

What if, just maybe, the ridiculous front Jacob Wohl put on also fooled the lady who is accusing Robert Mueller of rape in August 2010?


What if, just maybe, his ludicrous organisation fooled her and Burkman?


What if, just maybe, a credible accusation has been lost in the ridicule?


Mueller’s Accuser: Carolyne Cass

Before the bizarre Wohl and Burkman press conference, Jacob Wohl tweeted an image of him with the woman he claimed was accusing Mueller of rape,

He hid her face, and claimed that she had changed her mind about appearing at the press conference when they landed in Washington DC.  She apparently took another flight.

You would assume she flew back to LA, which is where her most recent registered address is. Coincidentally, that’s where Jacob Wohl lives.

People immediately stated that the image didn’t look like it was taken at Washington airport, but that it did look like LAX.  This was half-confirmed by Bellingcat’s Aric Toler, who tweeted an image of a very similar ceiling in another image.

Shortly after the press conference, a lady who was present at it, tweeted an unedited version of the same image, given to her by Jacob Wohl.

The lady in the photo with Jacob Wohl is, undeniably, 36 year old ex-socialite and fashion designer, Carolyne Cass.  The same person referred to in the press conference, who released a statement detailing the rape she believes the was subjected to.

Do the Google searches if you’re not convinced. Her photo’s are everywhere.

We can also confirm she lives in LA. Unfortunately she was prosecuted in LA in 2016 for DUA, and in 2017 she filed a small claims case there as well.

That Carolyne Cass was in NYC in the summer of 2010 is also undeniable, she had an address there at the time, and she was featured in Ella under the headline “Street Chic: New York”, dated July 14, 2010.


Mueller’s Alibi For August 2nd 2010

It’s a simple fact. Nobody can dispute it.

Robert Mueller was on jury service in Washington on August 2nd 2010.

That has been confirmed by the Washington Post, who published a piece about it, on the 3rd August 2010.

So, as he and his team have pointed out, he cannot have been raping Carolyne Cass in NYC that day.

But here’s the thing.

Carolyne’s statement actually states: “On or about August 2, 2010”.

Can you remember where you were on that date? No us neither.  Can you pull up a calendar to tell you? Nope, we can’t either.

But the ballpark is clear, close to August 2nd 2010.


So….Was Robert Mueller In NYC Close To August 2nd 2010?

Well, yes, actually he was.

At 9am on August 5th 2010 Robert Mueller was delivering a keynote address in the McNally Amphitheatre.

This was the last day of the ICCS: International Conference on Cyber Security, which took place at Fordham University,  150 West 62nd Street…New York.

So Robert Mueller was definitely in NYC on the morning of the 5th August.

Which means he could have completed other business in the city that day, then flown back to Washington on the morning of the 6th August.

But that is 4 days from Carolyne Cass’ “On or about August 2, 2010”. So it’s looking unlikely.

However, read between the facts.

On the morning of August 5th, he stood at 9am to deliver a keynote address.  So did he get up stupidly early, fly in from DC, and arrive in plenty of time to shake hands and make small talk, ready for 9am?

Or is it far more likely he flew in on the 4th and stayed overnight, ready to be driven to the venue first thing in the morning?

The $1000 a night St Regis Hotel, the place where Carolyne Cass claims Mueller raped her, is a short, straight drive away from Fordham University. Right next to Trump Tower. Exclusive, well-positioned.

It is perfectly feasible, even probable, that Robert Mueller stayed in NYC on the night of 4th August.

Which could potentially place him and Carolyne Cass in the same hotel bar during the evening of August 4 2010.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if American journalists asked him that simple question?






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