Did You Watch The Ball Under The Cup: OPCW Attack Used For Cover

Yesterday, to much global press frenzy, a minor hacking operation by the Russian GRU was made out to be the biggest scandal since Watergate.

Let’s be clear.  The operation exposed by the Dutch (and of course the British, with tentacles everywhere), was MINOR.

It involved low-level, low-skill operatives, sitting outside a building trying to hack into a Wifi network.

This type of listening/hacking operation, this type of low level spook stuff, goes on ALL THE TIME, and is conducted by ALL nations.

On top of that, the Russians are a MEMBER of the OPCW, so they had access to the same materials as everyone else.

And of course, the OPCW report into Skripal was released on 12th April, so why would they be starting a hack mission relating to it on the 13th April ?

So why the fanfare out of proportion?

Four reasons.

Reason 1: It feeds the Anti-Russian sentiment

Can you feel the hate?

The British public can.  Look at Twitter, look at newspaper comments.

The citizens are now well and truly programmed to hate Eurasia, sorry I mean Russia.

It’s “Reds under the bed” levels of paranoia and suspicion now.  Anyone with a different opinion is shouted down, accused of being a Russian troll, a bot, or they are “looked into” by self-appointed individuals.

All a bit 1936.

And what does this brainwashing of the sheep achieve?

It allows the Government and security services free reign, to “tighten up” privacy laws, stop and search, extend the powers of everyone who can slap down free speech.


Reason 2: It takes scrutiny away from our own security services

Look at the Skripal affair.

The public perception is that the Russians are utter morons who bodged the job, and were basically a couple of pot-smoking, whore-shagging idiots, with a ludicrous cover story.

Which they were.

But that takes peoples eyes away from several key points:

1. They weren’t the only Russians in Salisbury that day.  There was another team, which included a woman.  Were are they?  What did they do? Strangely, the police and HMG are totally silent on the possibility of this second team, and a hit at the bench the Skripals were found at.

2. Mark Urban has confirmed in his new book that Sergei Skirpal had a mobile phone that went direct to MI6.  They were literally a call away.  He was aware for WEEKS that he was under threat, he changed his routines, and his friends say he was increasingly paranoid.

Yet he was still got at.  Despite the warnings, MI6 TOTALLY FAILED to protect an old man, or stop a BLATANT plot.

3. The evidence actually points to MI5/6 being far more inept than the Russians.  They got into Britain and completed their mission.  Despite the obvious nature of it, the warnings and the contacts, MI6 didn’t stop it.

Who’s security services are actually more inept here?

But pushing the anti-Russian hysteria helps to keep the masses from asking that question.


Reason 3: Look over here!

Yesterday, while the moron press and their moron followers were focused on the trumpeting from The Hague around a minor listening/hacking op, in London a tribunal was taking place.  The Sun reported it, but it was buried under the naughty Russkies narrative:

David Cameron said ‘MI5 agents should not be prosecuted for crimes’ in secret letter, tribunal hears (Sun)

The details are reported by the Sun (and others):

According to the paper the bombshell document – made public on Thursday – reveals how Cameron told retired judge Sir Mark Waller not to rule on whether it was legal.


Cameron said Sir Mark, who was charged with overseeing the conduct of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, need not express any views as to whether any cases should be referred to prosecutors.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal in London heard no police officer or prosecutor has ever been told of their criminal activities.


The letter was made public during a legal challenge by campaigners, who want know what crimes have been committed in the name of MI5 since the 1990s and whether they were lawful.


They say it effectively gave MI5 agents a licence to break the law with immunity.

The Sun goes on to report:

“Two weeks after the letter was written the Tory PM admitted there was ‘state collusion’ in the 1989 murder of Belfast solicitor Patrick Finucane.

No one has been prosecuted for the murder.”

But in the fanfare of The Hague and Jeremy Hunt blathering on, the moron media (well apart from a few of the genuine journalists left)….

….all fell for the old trick:

The didn’t keep their eye on the ball under the cup.


Reason 4: It stops people focusing on the real importance of the Skripal case

You can do your own research on this, but this excellent article from Disobedient Media has all the facts.  But simply put,  the UK has been utterly hypocritical.

While accusing Russia of trying to influence the US election, for which there is actually little concrete evidence, the UK was also trying to influence it, for which there is solid evidence.

The Chris Steele (ex-MI6) dossier, from his company Orbis (Ex-MI6 employees), with it’s consultant Pablo Miller (ex-MI6 and handler of Sergei Skripal in Eastern Europe and Salisbury), created a report that had input from Russian intelligence sources. While the enigmatic Joe Mifsud set it up.

Steele vanished.  Miller vanished. Mifsud vanished. Skripal vanished.

Do you notice a trend?  Right at the time the Muller investigation is going on, and at the same time the UK government has literally begged Trump to keep all documents mentioning Chris Steele fully redacted, everyone who could be called to testify has…vanished.

So the UK tried to interfere in a democratic election by turning the public against Trump, while potentially using Skripal as an information source for that “dossier”.

Were you guilty of not keeping your eye on the ball under the cup yesterday when the OPCW nonsense came out?


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