Craig Murray Is Wrong On Chepiga Photo Fake: Here Is Why

A lot of good little British citizens will not read this.

They are too busy today taking part in an extended two minute hate, whipped up by the media over empty accusations of a Russian GRU cyber war.

A cyber war that targeted businesses, government, radio stations, and even 83 year old Agatha Smith’s new laptop….

But I wanted to write about Craig Murray and his latest piece “Bellingcat’s Very Obvious Fake Chepiga Photo“.

This is a road Craig went down before, with the arrival tunnels at Gatwick, and he got egg on his face.

But undeterred he has done it again.

This time claiming a photo of “Chepiga” bellingcat have  found, depicting him on the wall of the honour at his old military school, is a fake.

Craig has a lot of strengths, and could do good work challenging the Government’s false narrative (our position here is yes, the Russians probably did it, but where, and why were they allowed in to do it? Who gained most from Skripal getting erased, and why?), but instead he keeps focusing on minor details:

Like so many others, Craig is failing to keep his eye on the ball under the cup.

Look, I have a busy day ahead, so I’m just going to demolish his silly claims quickly.


Why Craig Murray Is Obviously Wrong.

Firstly. There have been numerous photo’s popping up from different sources, that depict that room and that wall of honour.

So firstly, Craig is accusing Bellingcat of editing every single image online, and on Russian social media, related to that wall.

Secondly, look at this image:

Craig says:

Many people have noticed that the photo of Chepiga on this wall appears to be hanging in completely different lighting conditions from the others. That is indeed a good point.

Except it’s not a good point at all.  Those people are WRONG.

Look at the image closely.


Those reflections go directly onto that part of the wall, at the exact same angle as the reflections on the Chepiga photo. You can even see the shelves reflected onto that part of the wall!

Now look closely at Chepiga’s photo in the image above.  Note the larger blob of light on it, on the right middle of his photo.

Now look at this image:

Same big blob of light, but now it has shifted to the LEFT side of the image.

The simple truth is that at certain angles, that glass cabinet reflects light onto the wall.  As a photographer moves from left to right, the light source moves as well.

Here is more proof of the light sources, and how that cabinet reflects:

Was that image, from the Russian Ministry of Decence website, also a Bellingcat fake?


What about this image above, from another source and obviously taken in lower light levels with less reflections.


But if you believe Craig, then that image is also faked.  Which means either Bellingcrap had two images, or they ADDED reflections.

All beginning to sound a bit nuts isn’t it.


Also, there are light reflections on some of the images in the photo above, but not others that are literally next to them.

By Craig’s standards, they must also be fakes.


Craig seems to be implying that Chepiga is fake and the photo is fake to prove Bellingcat’s claims.

The problem is, that the WALL OF HONOUR OUTSIDE also shows his name.  In multiple photo’s, from multiple sources.


So unless Craig is claiming that Bellingcat, or someone, has airbrushed EVERY SINGLE photo of the room and that monument across the entire internet, then his claims are simply ridiculous.

And why would they need to fake a photo on a wall, when the existing evidence, literally chiseled into a wall, already shows he got that medal?


People Neaten Stuff Up

Now let’s look at Craig’s other accusation.

But there is a more important point here, and that is to do with sequencing. Except for Chepiga and Popov, who according to Belligncat also became a Hero of Russia in 2014, all of the people here are indeed openly and officially listed Heroes of Russia or, in the majority of cases, Heroes of the Soviet Union.


What is more, they are, as you would expect on a military honours wall, ranked in date order. ONLY CHEPIGA IS OUT OF DATE ORDER.

Craig is right, they are out of order.

But look at this photo again:

Look at the image.  What practical options did whoever put that photo up have?

Either to put it on the left of the board to neaten up that end, possibly putting the photo even more out of sequence.

Or, they could put it where they put it.  To neaten up the right hand end, and fill the last available space.

But, but, surely they would have moved the photo’s around to keep them in order???

Erm, take a closer look.

The images are all different quality.  They have different coloured name plaques.  They are not even that level.  They are laminated.

This is not some formal wall of pride.  This is a small space, maintained by some office bods or officers.

The images are also probably glued down, so they can’t be moved.

Take a look at any photoboard, at schools’ councils, government, wherever. There are ALWAYS variations.

Craig is mistaking practicality, lack of time, other priorities, or lack of interest, for a grand conspiracy.


If you think everything is a conspiracy, you will see conspiracy everywhere.


This madness does Craig, and anyone else who believes it, no credit at all.  Sure be critical, be suspicious.

But you also have to be realistic, objective and honest with yourself. Otherwise, you might as well literally put a tin foil hat on your head.

Rather than obsessing over minor details that don’t matter, Craig needs to focus on the bigger picture, where he excels.

Not the little one on a wall.



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