BBC Panorama Skripals: 6 Questions The BBC Must Answer


Why did the programme not mention that to get to Skripals house, the suspects needed to be crossing the road via a crossing right at the point they are seen in the CCTV, but in the CCTV footage are seen walking past that crossing, and past the alley which is the most direct, and covered, route to his house?

Why would they choose a longer, more public route?  I’ve never been to Salisbury, but two minutes on Google maps shows that they took a BIZARRE route.



Why did they not mention that the Russian suspects spent nearly an HOUR in Salisbury after the alleged attack, actually missing a train at 1327 to do so, and walking PAST the station to achieve this bizarre course of action.

And why did they not mention that in doing this, they were all that time walking UP AND DOWN the road Skripal would use to drive into the city centre?

The programme suggested they smeared the door handle and then immediately exited the city.  THAT IS UNTRUE.

The bridge CCTV is from 1305 – an HOUR after they allegedly visited Skripals house.

To read what the Russian suspects ACTUAL movements in Salisbury were CLICK HERE.



Why did Panorama not mention that, as confirmed by a mother, that Skripal fed ducks in Avon Playground 15 minutes after leaving home, and actually handed bread to three children, and one of them ATE that bread.

Novichok, according to the programme,  “…could have killed thousands”, yet three kids handed bread from hands freshly coated in the stuff didn’t get ill.

Why would such a vital piece of information, a human interest aspect, be ignored by the BBC, and also STILL not be acknowledged in the Police timeline?



Why was there no mention of the fact that Pablo Miller, the MI6 operative who recruited Skirpal, also lived in Salisbury, and still met up with him in the city centre on a regular basis?

Why is there a government D Notive in operation on the name Pablo Miller and why did BBC Panorama not mention that?

Why was it not mentioned that Pablo Miller also works for Orbis, owned by Chris Steele, also ex-MI6, and it’s the company behind the Trump dossier, which had Russian operatives input.



DS Bailey stated on panorama that he attended Skripals house around midnight, in full protective clothing, to look for other potential casualties.

Why was a detective sergeant sent in protective clothing, when we are told that at that stage chemical weapons were not suspected?

Is it standard procedure for a DS to put on protective clothing to enter a house?

Why was there no back-up, just two cops?

Why was it SEVEN HOURS after the Skripals were found, that the police decided to check his home?

Why was there no ambulance in attendance, if casualties, or poisons, were suspected as being present (otherwise there would be no reason for Bailey to be protected).



Bailey states that he arrived around midnight.  He was with one other person.  The footage on Panorama shows  a reconstruction, where a single car arrives at the empty home, lights off, nobody around.

We were told that Bailey was the FIRST to visit Skripals home.

Yet, the Salisbury journal, in a piece published during the day of 5th March, shows photo’s of Police, standard coppers, in a van, outside the house at night.  So those images MUST have been taken on the night of 4th March.

In fact, the Journal goes further:

“Police arrived at Skripal’s home in Christie Miller Road, Salisbury, yesterday at 5pm, according to neighbours.”

So Bailey was first at the Skripals darkened house at midnight on 4/5th March, yet during the day of 5th March, the local paper shows night images of Police in attendance at the property.

And neighbours state the house was guarded by Police within ONE HOUR of the attack.


Panorama – DS Bailey – MET:

How was DS Bailey the first to arrive at the Skripals, when neighbours state Police were in attendance seven hours earlier?



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